Purospher® STAR Silica and Amino Phases

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Highly Efficient Normal-Phase Separations

Purospher STAR Silica and Amino Phases

Purospher® STAR HPLC columns based on high-purity silica are also available for normal-phase separations, and as amino-bonded phases. The benefits of these columns include excellent separation efficiency, and the absence of metallic impurities, resulting in consistently symmetrical peaks.

Purospher® STAR Si (Silica)

Purospher® STAR Si (Silica) offers the highest separation efficiency for normal-phase chromatography of low molecular weight compounds soluble in organic solvents.

Purospher® STAR NH2 (Amino)

Purospher® STAR NH2 (Amino) is primarily designed for carbohydrate analysis, with a typical mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile and water. Purospher® STAR NH2 is also suitable for use in the normal-phase retention mode.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent separation efficiency as measured by plate count
  • Absence of metal impurities for consistently symmetrical peaks
  • Extended column lifetime


Purospher® STAR Silica and Amino Phases

Application Examples

Separation of carbohydrates on Purospher STAR NH2

Separation of Anisoles on Purospher STAR Silica

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