Chromabolt® Prepacked Columns. We listened. Designed with you, for you.

Chromabolt® Prepacked Columns
We listened. Designed with you, for you.

Chromabolt® Prepacked Columns
Customers have expressed a need for single-use, prepacked columns, says Senior Chromatography Product Manager Conrad Maher.

He explains, With the number of mAbs in development and clinical trials taking place, as well as biosimilar developments, our customers are looking for prepacked columns that are easy to integrate into their process, and that will provide consistent results they can rely on.

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Conrad also commented on Chromabolt® product development:

At Merck, we place a premium on imagination. At the same time, we work to ensure that we understand customers’ changing needs. Developed in response to biopharm industry trends and customer input, Chromabolt® is an evolution in prepacked, validated columns.

Built with the customer in mind – Chromabolt® prepacked columns
  • Portable:
    In response to customer feedback, wheels and handles were incorporated, making it easy for a single person to move the column anywhere in the facility.
  • Clean:
    With easy to reach surfaces, the challenge of wiping down the column has been simplified.
  • Connect:
    Ports are located in convenient locations, allowing the operator to easily connect the column to their system.

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