Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Our Operations

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We recognize that everything we do to make and ship our products has an environmental impact. We are focused on developing innovative processes and solutions to reduce that impact.

At Merck, streamlined operations means producing top-quality products in the most efficient way possible, with minimal use of energy, water and waste. We are working towards a future in which the ‘waste’ of one process can be the raw material input for another process.

We have set a 2015 goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and waste by 10%, compared to our 2006 baseline levels.

In order to achieve this goal, we are focusing on our energy and climate impacts, water usage, waste, and collaboration with our supply chain partners to reduce our combined impacts.

Climate & Energy

Climate & EnergyEnergy-saving and greenhouse gas reduction programs


WaterWater efficiency innovations


WasteSource reduction, reuse and recycling

Supply Chain

Supply ChainValue chain collaborations to reduce combined impacts