ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer –
12 Image Channels

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Analysis/amnis/Amins2-images/12-images.jpgUp to 12 Images of Every Cell

The 12 Image Channel option significantly expands the experimental flexibility and analytical potential of the ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer by doubling the number of images per cell from six to twelve. This option is comprised of a second image detection system, including a filter wheel, inline filters, spectral decomposition assembly, and proprietary CCD camera.

Features and Benefits 

  • Increase experimental capacity by utilizing a broader palette of fluorescent markers
  • Improve data quality by reducing or eliminating spectral crosstalk between detection channels 
  • Perform functional assays of immunophenotypically-defined subpopulations
  • Improve throughput via multiplexing of experiments in a single tube or sample well
  • Field installable by certified technicians


Application: Nuclear Translocation of NFκB

The analysis of NFκB nuclear translocation shown above utilizes three lasers and eight of 12 available detection channels. Cells were phenotyped using fluorescently-labeled antibodies against CD14, CD45, CD16, and CD3 while two additional image channels were used to quantitatively assess nuclear localization of NFκB by cross-correlation of the nuclear (DAPI) and NFκB (FITC) images. Brightfield and darkfield (SSC) images of each cell are included to provide morphological and structural detail.