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Viral Vectors

Recommended Devices & Filters

Merck recommends running small-scale trials for capacity and throughput screening. This table provides details on process development devices for recommended filters and alternatives since the ideal solution will vary based on each fluid stream. The following order table is for recommended devices only.

Filter FormatArea/FilterCatalogue No.
Millistak+® Mini Devices
Grade CE40 23 cm2 M40CE23HH3
Grade CE45 23 cm2 M45CE23HH3
Grade CE50 23 cm2 M50CE23HH3

Evaluation Kit with OptiScale®-25 Capsules**
Viresolve® NFP membrane 3.5 cm2 SVPVA25NB9

OptiScale®-40 Devices
Viresolve® Prefilter 5 cm2 SSPVA40NB9

OptiScale® Capsules
Durapore® 0.22 ìm membrane 13.8 cm2 SVGLA47FF3
Durapore® 0.45 ìm membrane (order with 0.5 ìm prefilter SW06A47FF3) 13.8 cm2 SVHLA47FF3

Pellicon® 2 V Screen Mini-Cassettes
Ultracel® PLC 300 kD membrane 0.1 m2 SVPVA25NB9


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Merck to Develop Next-Generation Purification Processes with International Vaccine Institute

Merck has entered a research agreement with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) of Seoul, South Korea to help develop more robust, scalable vaccine manufacturing processes.

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