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Módulos Millistak+® DE

Clarification/prefiltration filters specifically developed to meet the critical needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.



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    Clarification Portfolio Guide
    Evaluation of Filtration Products in the Production of Adenovirus Candidates Used in Vaccine Production: Overview and Case Study
    Millistak+® Pod Disposable Depth Filter Performance Guide

    Licencias necesarias e Información técnica

    Article: Selection of clarification methods for improved downstream performance and economics
    Millistak+® Filter Chemical Compatibility Chart
    Reprint: Clarification of vaccines: An overview of filter based technology trends and best practices

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    Millistak+ and Millistak+ HC Housings
    Millistak+® Depth Filters

    Referencias bibliográficas

    Visión general referencias
    Impact of Design and Selection of Prefilters on Operating Cost
    Honig, Ephraim S., and Perry D. Schwartz; Filtration & Separation (Jan/Feb 1997).
    Filtration & Separation (Jan/Feb 1997). 1997

    Preguntas frecuentes

    What are the flushing recommendations for prefilters?
    Durapore Multimedia5L per 10 inch filter element
    Milligard and Milligard Low Protein Binding5L per 10 inch filter element
    Polysep II5L per 10 inch filter element
    Lifegard 5L per 10 inch filter element
    Polygard CR & CN5L per 10 inch filter element
    Millistak+ A5L per square foot of media surface area
    Millistak+ CE5L per square foot of media surface area
    Millistak + DE5L per square foot of media surface area

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    Opticap Capsules with Millistak+ Media