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Ampouled liquid culture media for the Milliflex® system

Easy-to-use, time-saving plastic ampoules for consistent results





Media in plastic ampoules - unit size 2 ml 清除排序和过滤条件
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M00PMCB24m-ColiBlue24® 培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000P2D沃勒斯坦差异培养基 (WLD) 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000P2Em-Endo 总大肠菌群培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000P2F含玫红酸的 m-FC 培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000P2Mm-Green 酵母菌和霉菌培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000P2N沃勒斯坦营养培养基 (WLN) 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000P2P假单胞菌选择性培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000P2T胰蛋白胨葡萄糖培养基 (TGE) 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA000T2BTryptic Soybean Broth (TSB) 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA00BSM2酒香酵母选择性培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA00FCR2不含玫红酸的 m-FC 培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA00MRS2De Man、Rogosa 和 Sharpe (MRS) 培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA00P2SM酵母菌和霉菌选择性培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况
MHA00PRY2PRY(耐防腐剂酵母)培养基 50 显示价格及库存情况

m-ColiBlue24® is a registered trademark of Hach Company, U.S. Patents 5,650,290 and 5,849,515.
m-ColiBlue24® broth has been approved by the USEPA for monitoring drinking water using a 24 hour incubation period. If the sample is incubated for more than 24 hours and no red or blue colonies appear, the sample can be considered negative. If red or blue colonies appear after 24 hours incubation, use a coliform or E. coli verification step or retest the sample. It is also approved by the USEPA for ambient water.


Dehydrated media in bottles - 1 bottle/pk 清除排序和过滤条件
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MB000000Em-Endo 总大肠菌群培养基(脱水) 1 显示价格及库存情况
MB000000F不含玫红酸的 m-FC 培养基(脱水) 1 显示价格及库存情况
MB000000R玫红酸(脱水) 1 显示价格及库存情况
MB000000S不含 TTC 指示剂的 KF 琼脂(脱水) 1 显示价格及库存情况
MB000000T胰蛋白胨葡萄糖培养基(脱水) 1 显示价格及库存情况
MB000000Ym-Green 酵母菌和霉菌培养基(脱水) 1 显示价格及库存情况


Accessory 清除排序和过滤条件
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EZCURVE01EZ-Pak® Membrane Dispenser Curve 1 显示价格及库存情况

*EZ-Pak® membranes cannot be used without an EZ-Pak® dispenser.