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Sterility assured

Choosing the right membrane and format for your sterile filter is critical to the success of your process. As your trusted advisor, we understand your complex needs, which is why we offer a wide range of options that provide the highest level of sterility assurance:

  • Durapore® and Millipore Express® membranes for optimum filtration
  • Available in cartridge formats and a wide range of self contained disposable configurations 
  • Gamma-compatible and sterile options available for value-added applications

Millipore Express® Filters

Our Millipore Express® membranes are high capacity, high flux hydrophilic PES membranes that provide:

  • Broad chemical and caustic compatibility across a wide pH range
  • Easy wetting and integrity testing
  • Robust devices resistant to thermal and hydraulic stress

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Durapore® Filters

Our Durapore® membranes provide high flow rates and throughput, low extractables and broad chemical compatibility.

A full range of filtration areas is available to suit your specific application requirements and a variety of connection options are offered to meet your application and housing requirements.

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Solvent Filtration

We offer validated, robust and cost-efficient sterile filtration for solvent-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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