HYCON® Contact Slides


HYCON® Contact Slides

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Microbial Monitoring of Flat and Curved Surfaces

HYCON® Contact Slides from Merck are developed for easy and flexible microbiological monitoring of flat and curved surfaces. Their unique design makes them a universal tool for aseptic environments and isolators. Merck offers a range of total count media as well as selective media for yeasts and molds, and for coliform bacteria. For use in most critical areas there are gamma-irradiated products in sterile double packaging available. Each contact slide is welded into a re-sealable sleeve to enable individual strips to be safely sterilized a number of times by peroxide gassing.

HYCON® contact slides

HYCON® Contact Slides

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Safe & Reliable

  • Individually sealed, H2O2-impermeable primary packaging
  • Re-sealable sleeve ensures sterility and allows for safe handling and safe transportation
  • Produced in clean rooms, rigorously quality controlled including 100% visual inspection of each and every contact slide
  • Growth promotion, packaging and storage extensively validated
  • Standardized contact area in agreement with international guidelines (25 cm²)


  • Validated storage from 2 °C - 25 °C allows room temperature storage and thus reduced preparation time (except for DE-γ and B)
  • Long shelf-life of up to six months for fewer incoming goods controls
  • Can be used for flat, irregular or curved surfaces

Additional benefits of gamma-irradiated products

  • Sterile for maximum safety
  • Specifically designed for applications within clean room and isolator environments
  • Double packaging for easy transfer into critical environment





五月 22
27. Kemptener Nährmedientag
Lehr-, Versuchs- und Fachzentrum für Molkereiwirtschaft
Kempten, Germany
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品,工业微生物,分析及样品的制备 欧洲 20190522
五月 23
05/23/19 - 05/24/19
Laborpraxistage, Praktische Umsetzung der Nährmedienprüfung nach der DIN EN ISO 11133:2018
muva kempten Schulungslabor
Kempten, Germany
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品,工业微生物,分析及样品的制备 欧洲 20190523
三月 20
03/20/19 - 03/22/19
Labortraining: Praxis der Mikrobiologie und Identifizierung
Beuth Hochschule für Technik
Berlin, Germany
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品,工业微生物,分析及样品的制备 欧洲 20190320