The Gamma-Irradiated,
 Triple-Sleeved ICR-Swab

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A Unique All-in-One System Carrying Its Own Culture Broth

The ICR-Swab from Merck is a unique system for environmental monitoring of dry surfaces, such as filling needles, equipment recesses, uneven surfaces and tubing in clean rooms and isolators. It is a qualitative presence/absence test for microbiological contamination. This ‘all-in-one’ ICR-Swab system requires opening only once for sampling. All further steps, such as addition of broth, incubation and detection of turbidity, are performed within the closed system, thus minimizing the risk of potential contaminations due to handling.

heipha ICR-Swab


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  • Merck’s all-in-one swab: Needs opening only once for sampling, thus minimizing the risk of secondary contaminations due to handling
  • Triple-sleeve packaging: Enables safe transportation in clean rooms (ISO 5) and isolators
  • H2O2-impermeable inner packaging: Protects medium from VHP vapor during decontamination of isolator
  • Gamma-sterilization in the ICR-Swab’s final packaging (25 to 35 kGy): Minimizes the risk of contamination
  • Pre-moistened swab tip: Leaves no growth-promoting residues on surface


  • Convenient: Easy handling steps to minimize risks
  • Room temperature stability: Storable at site of use
  • Integrated hanging-up device: Convenient to use in isolators


  • Suitable for monitoring of difficult to access surfaces such as filling needles, equipment recesses, tubing etc.
The ICR Swab is designed for qualitative microbial presence/absence tests


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五月 22
27. Kemptener Nährmedientag
Lehr-, Versuchs- und Fachzentrum für Molkereiwirtschaft
Kempten, Germany
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品,工业微生物,分析及样品的制备 欧洲 20190522
五月 23
05/23/19 - 05/24/19
Laborpraxistage, Praktische Umsetzung der Nährmedienprüfung nach der DIN EN ISO 11133:2018
muva kempten Schulungslabor
Kempten, Germany
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品,工业微生物,分析及样品的制备 欧洲 20190523
三月 20
03/20/19 - 03/22/19
Labortraining: Praxis der Mikrobiologie und Identifizierung
Beuth Hochschule für Technik
Berlin, Germany
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品,工业微生物,分析及样品的制备 欧洲 20190320