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Get the best of your Milli-Q® Integral System.
Boost your lab’s performance.

Our Lab Water portfolio offers a broad range of pure and ultrapure water purification systems and services. Laboratory applications often require both pure water (Type 2) and ultrapure water (Type 1). The Milli-Q® Integral water purification system is the most integrated ultrapure system producing Milli-Q® & Elix® water quality from tap water — from the same system — and ensures delivery with ergonomic E-POD® and Q-POD® water dispensers.

Celebrating a Milestone Join us on a journey of discovery
This all-in-one concept offers several benefits:
  • Single unit for pure and ultrapure water
  • Completely flexible PODs
  • Customized water quality
  • Low running cost and consistent quality
  • Full range of systems to cover user’s needs
  • Outstanding water quality
  • Comprehensive & customized service program
  • Full system control
  • Flexible installation and upgrade options
  • Easy intuitive operation and maintenance

The Choice of Scientists Around the World
Today, Milli-Q® Integral systems are the choice of scientists around the world in environments as diverse as academic, pharmaceutical, clinical, and government labs, in both validated and non-validated environments. Milli-Q® Integral systems not only fulfill the needs of isolated laboratories, but also have been successfully used in many new or refurbished large research buildings as a more reliable and lower cost alternative to central water systems with delivery loops.
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    "It was the only choice I was interested in for the Center. With the Integral system, we can get two forms of water from one source- that allows us to accommodate all users." — Nathanial Hentz,
    Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC), North Carolina State Univeristy, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.
    "For a pharmaceutical company like Tillotts, it goes without saying that our water quality has to meet very specific high standards, which is one of the reasons we use Milli-Q® Integral system. The system’s POD water dispensers are another real “plus” for us- they have a clear, Clean design, and they’re very easy to use. With the Millipak® Application Pak we get bacteria-free and particulate-free ultrapure water in the volumes we need." — Mr. Daniel Bootz,
    Tillots Pharma AG, Ziefen, Switzerland.
    "In the past, I was using water from an in-house central water system and bottled LC-MS water for our chromatography work. However, for the highly sensitive instruments that we now have (UHPLC-MS system and PDA detectors), this water quality simply wasn’t good enough- at one point TOC was measured at over 200 ppb! To solve the problem, we installed a Milli-Q® Integral system. We’ve been working with the system for over a year now, and I’m happy to say that we have consistently high ultrapure water quality. It’s exactly what we need to ensure the highest quality eluent that is essential for our analyses." — Dr. Martin Fuhr,
    Grϋnenthal GmbH, Aachen, Germany

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