Pellicon® 3 Cassettes

Advanced, high performance cassettes ideally suited to today's demanding filtration processes that require more rigorous operating pressures, temperatures and caustic cleaning regimes



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    Application note: Sodium Hydroxide Compatibility of Pellicon® 3 Cassettes with10 and 30 kD NMWL Ultracel® Composite Membranes
    Clarification and Recovery of Recombinant Proteins using a Cascade Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System
    Increase Product Yield in Your UF/DF Process, an1026en00
    Performance Evaluation and Cleanability Study using Pellicon® 3 Cassettes with 30 kD Biomax® and Ultracel® Ultrafiltration Membranes
    Protein Concentration and Diafiltration by Tangential Flow Filtration -- An Overview
    Technical Brief: Small Molecule Processing by Tangential Flow Filtration (MS)
    Techniques for Demonstrating Cleaning Effectiveness of Ultrafiltration Membranes
    Torque and Compression Force of Pellicon® 2 and 3 Cassettes

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    Cogent® μScale TFF System
    Pellicon® 3 Cassettes with Biomax® Membrane (Merck)
    Pellicon® 3 Cassettes with Ultracel® Membrane
    Pellicon® Laboratory Systems, Holders and Assemblies
    Pellicon® XL 50 Cassette and Labscale TFF System
    Ultracel® Membranes

    Preguntas frecuentes

    When a Pellicon Holder is ordered, what do I receive?The holders are supplied with a socket wrench, 3/4" sanitary clamp adapters, clamps, and gaskets. The pressure gauges need to be ordered separately by ordering catalog number XX4200075. Only one 0- 100 psi analog gauge is supplied with this number, and it is recommended to operate with two gauges, one for the feed and one for the retentate. Conversely, order the appropriate Pellicon fitting kit which contains the pressure gauges, fittings, clamps, and valves for connecting the pump to the holder.
    • For the standard holder order the fitting kit catalog number XX42PK260.
    • For the low-retentate volume holder, order the fitting kit catalog number XX42PK160.
    • For a rotary-vane pump and standard holder connection, order fitting kit catalog number XX42PK460.
    Are the TFF membranes autoclavable or steam sterilizable?The membranes for Pellicon XL, Helicon UF, Helicon RO, spiral wound/prep/scale, Prostak UF and Pellicon 2 are not autoclavable or steam sterilizable. However, a chemical sanitization can be done; refer to the maintenance manual for these membranes.

    Note: Prostak Open Channel with microporous Durapore membranes can be steam sterilized.
    What is the holdup volume in Pellicon Cassettes?The holdup volume for Pellicon XL units is ~3.2 ml, Pellicon 2 modules 0.1m2(1.1ft2) is ~31ml total volume with 17ml in feed and 14ml in permeate. The Pellicon 2 Modules 0.5m2 or (5ft2) total volume of holdup is ~155mls, with 87ml in the feed and 68 int he permeate. To calculate the volume for the 2.5m2 (25ft2) multiply the volumes for 0.5m2 by five.
    Can the Labscale TFF System accommodate more than one Pellicon XL?PRODUCT:
    Multimanifold Kit for Labscale TFF System

    Catalogue No.DescriptionUS List Price
    XXMULTIMN Labscale Multimanifold Kit, 1/pk$150

    The Labscale Multimanifold Kit is designed to accommodate up to 3 Pellicon XL devices and mount directly onto the Labscale Reservoir. It may also be used with a peristaltic pump for those customers without a Labscale Reservoir.

    It is intended to be used for either membrane selection by choosing devices with different membranes or to increase surface area by choosing devices with the same membrane.

    The Labscale Multi-Manifold Kit includes 2 multi-port manifolds with assorted tubing fittings. Manifold fittings include male and female luer lock. Assorted fittings included male and female luer plugs, male to female luer lock elbows, and male luer lock to 1/8" barb.

    Materials of Construction
    Tubing Tygon LFL

    Physical Characteristics
    Multi-Manifoldwith Packaging
    Length:2.6 inches6.6 inches
    Width:2.8 inches4.3 inches
    Weight:0.2 lbs0.34 lbs

    Fittings Male / FemaleLuer Lock
    Maximum Operating Pressure80 psi

    Manuales del usuario

    Cogent μScale Tangential Flow Filtration System User Guide
    Pellicon® 3 Cassettes - Installation and User Guide
    Pellicon® 3 Cassettes with Ultracel® Membrane Performance Guide

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