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Vaccine Purification

Vaccines are biologically active products that generate a long lasting immune response. They may be produced from viral pathogens such as those causing polio, influenza and cervical cancer, or from bacterial pathogens causing Pneumonia, Meningitis, Pertussis, Tetanus, Anthrax. Vaccine production typically uses several filtration and purification steps. To obtain a purified vaccine, the selected microorganism must be grown and then the selected antigen must be separated, purified, formulated and sterilized.

We provide products and services for cell culture, filtration, chromatography, concentration, mixing, disposable technologies, process monitoring, formulation and fill finish of vaccines.
Conjugated Polysaccharide
The global conjugated polysaccharide vaccine market is expected to experience continued expansion with the new requirements in emerging countries, such as higher number of doses; changing national immunization programs in developed countries; and the inclusion of many conjugated polysaccharide vaccines in the WHO priority lists. From a manufacturing perspective.
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Viral Vectors
As a new twist in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, viral vector vaccines present some unique challenges. A number of different viruses are considered safe for use as viral vectors. This creates process challenges associated with the varying properties of the viruses used for manufacturing.
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Plasmid DNA
Essential Process Requirements:
Clarification and Solids Removal (in place of bag filter), Concentration and Diafiltration (prior to column chromatography steps), Concentration and Diafiltration (for final formulation), Sterile Filtration...
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Merck to Develop Next-Generation Purification Processes with International Vaccine Institute

Merck has entered a research agreement with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) of Seoul, South Korea to help develop more robust, scalable vaccine manufacturing processes.

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