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Mobius® FlexReady for Virus Clearance


Unit Operation

Virus Filtration

As a drug manufacturer you are required to ensure the virus safety of the biological therapeutics you have under development. Mobius® single-use manufacturing can help you meet your virus clearance requirements by providing not only the integrated filtation platforms but also the mixers, connectors, storage containers and hardware that will continue to provide you with the ability to process at increased throughputs.

The Mobius® FlexReady Solution for Virus Filtration is an easy-to-use system featuring an optimized single-use flowpath designed to fully support your parvovirus filtration needs. It features Viresolve® Pro Modus devices, a next-generation parvovirus safety solution delivering robust parvovirus clearance at pilot and medium volume processing.

The Mobius® FlexReady Solution for Virus Filtration con­sists of single-use Flexware® assemblies, innovative Viresolve Pro Modus devices and process-ready hardware systems to deliver optimal operational flexibility.
  • Fast setup of hardware with easy installation of optimally designed Flexware® assemblies
  • Single-use flow paths provides maximum adaptability to your changing operational needs
  • Pre-designed and optimized solution for confidence and peace of mind

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