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Featured Immunology Product
FlowCellect™ CD4 T Cell FAS Kit
Two-parameter analysis can achieve target-specific detection of phosphorylation, and eliminates false positives in a mixed cell population.
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Analyzed Dual Parameter Data: Dot plots depicting PBMCs activated with 5µg/mL PHA (phytohemagglutinin) for 2 days and stained using FlowCellect™ CD4 T Cell FAS Kit. Dot plots show the percentage of positive cells for CD4 T cells as a percentage of CD3 T cells with and without PHA treatment. The histogram depicts the level of FAS/CD95 expression on CD4 T cells. PHA treatment upregulates the expression of FAS/CD95 on the CD4 T cells. The gating was set up on an unstimulated control sample stained with isotype control and applied to the stimulated samples.

FlowCellect™ Immunology Kits

FlowCellect™ kits are Merck’s proprietary multiparameter flow cytometry kits for the analysis of cellular events and/or cell phenotypes. Each kit has unique combination of directly conjugated antibodies, and/or fluorescent dyes and protein reporters to monitor changes in protein expression and posttranslational modification. The kits also contain complete buffer sets, and protocols. They are fully optimized for “plug-and-play” cellular analysis on guava and other flow cytometers.


  • Multiplex detection with high reproducibility
  • No need for assay development or optimization; includes optimized antibodies and buffers
  • Enables walk-up use for the performance of complex multiparameter analysis

Conjugated CD Antibodies

Advance your flow cytometry analysis with Merck’s growing selection of directly conjugated primary antibodies. We have expanded our Milli-Mark Conjugated Antibodies portfolio to include the most relevant CD markers used in the immunology field today. The Milli-Mark conjugated antibodies are specifically designed, optimized and validated for flow cytometry applications


  • Fully validated for Flow Cytometry applications
  • Designed to deliver maximum signal to noise ratio
  • No need for secondary antibody
  • Researchers can design their own assays
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