Mobius® Connectors, Crimping and Tubing

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Providing a Critical Link

Connecters, Crimper and Tubing

Sterilized systems containing tubing, connectors, clamps, valves and disconnectors provide a critical link between disposable fluid paths and the various steps in your process, whether that's plastic-to-stainless or plastic-to-plastic.


Reliable and easy to use, the unique designs of Lynx® connectors enable fluid transfer and maintain sterility. Lynx® connectors are available separately or as part of a complete assembly.

Lynx® CDR Connector

Lynx® CDR (Connect, Disconnect and Reconnect) device provides a reliable and validated connection for multiple transfers of sterile fluids. It is designed to provide flexibility in single use bioprocessing by enabling up to six connections, disconnections and reconnections of multiple flow paths, while remaining sterile and leak free.

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Lynx® S2S (Sterile to Sterile) Connector

Lynx® S2S (Sterile to Sterile) Connector is a single-use, single-actuation, gamma- and autoclave-compatible disposable device that connects sterilized fluid paths. Once you connect the female and male coupling, the sterile fluid path is enabled and cannot be disassembled.

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Lynx® ST Connector
Lynx® ST Connector

Lynx® ST Connector lets you integrate steamable hard-piped process equipment with disposable sterile fluid paths. Available in ¼, ½ and 1 inch sizes, the Lynx® ST (steam-to) connector provides an economical, easy and reliable sterile connection for the secure transfer or sampling of sterile fluids. Lynx® ST connector is gamma and autoclavable compatible making it ideal for integration into sterilized assemblies.


You can configure standard single-use assemblies with common types of commercially available tubing, such as platinum-cured silicone and C-Flex 374 thermoplastic elastomer.


Sterile Disconnect
NovaSeal Crimping Tool

NovaSeal® Crimping Tool securely seals and disconnects a single-use assembly into two sterile fluid paths. The tool crimps and cuts a pinch-pipe and silicone tube at the same time in one simple motion. This pinch-pipe/tube combination and crimping tool provides you with a sterile means to cut and separate your Mobius® assembly, maintain sterility and securely protect the fluid from the outside environment.


Webinar: Introducing Lynx® CDR Connector: Connect, disconnect, reconnect - Watch Now

Introducing Lynx® CDR Connector: Connect, disconnect, reconnect

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