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Filter Components

Sterilizing-Grade Membranes

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/single-use-manufacturing/durapore_membrane_filters_125px.jpgDurapore® Membrane Filters - PVDF
(Polyvinylidene fluoride)

Provide high flow rates and throughput, low extractables and broad chemical compatibility. Hydrophilic Durapore® membranes bind far less protein than nylon, nitrocellulose or PTFE membranes.

  • Pore sizes: 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 0.65, 5 µm
  • Wettability: Hydrophilic, hydrophobic

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/single-use-manufacturing/millipore_express_mem_filters_125px.jpgMillipore Express® Membrane Filters - PES

Caustic-compatible, high-throughput, low-protein binding membrane that provides ultrafast filtration of tissue culture media, additives, buffers and other aqueous solutions.

  • Pore sizes: 0.1, 0.2 µm, and multi-layer
  • Wettability: Hydrophilic
  • pH Compatibility: 1-14
Choose from a variety of our Millipore Express® Membrane sterilizing-grade PES filters, including:
  • Millipore Express® SHR (Sterile, High Retention) Filters: recommended for the removal of mycoplasma and other small microorganisms that can pass through a 0.2 ìm rated sterilizing grade filter.
  • Millipore Express® SHC (Sterile, High Capacity) Filters: designed for use across a range of low to high-fouling process solutions including cell culture media and media additives.
  • Millipore Express® SHF (Sterile, High-Flux) Filters: designed with a broad chemical compatibility, exceptionally high flow rates for buffers, low extractables and high-flux performance with a full range of buffer chemistries.

Clarification and Prefiltration filters

  • Millistak+® HC Filters: dual-action media improves prefiltration and compresses clarification. Millistak+® HC filters are stacked depth filters designed for mammalian cell fermentation processes. A unique combination of charged media and cellulosic membrane compress multiple steps into one high-performance solution.

  • Milligard®: pleated cellulosic multimedia filters offer the finest prefiltration levels available, providing unsurpassed protection of the final sterilizing filter from premature plugging. Ideal for cell culture media, mammalian cell culture, buffer preparation, serum, SVP, LVP and plasma protein applications.

  • Polysep® II: pleated multimedia filters combine borosilicate glass fiber with mixed esters of cellulose, providing much higher retention efficiency for more critical degrees of prefiltration. Ideal for cell culture media, serum, buffer preparation, LVP and ophthalmic applications.

  • Lifegard™: pleated prefilters offer increased adsorptive capacities with borosilicate glass microfiber media, an excellent solution for deformable particle retention. Ideal for plasma protein, serum and vaccine production.

  • Clarigard®: high performance polypropylene depth filters feature fine-diameter polypropylene fibers within an optimized graded density structure. The resulting cartridge filter provides superior retention of particulate and bioburden as well as enhanced throughput capacity. Ideal for facilities, media, and bulk chemical filtration applications.

  • Polygard®-CN: polypropylene filters provide high retention efficiency, high flowrates, and high dirt-holding capacity with a melt-blown medium fabricated in a pleated format. Best suited for fine clarification applications such as facilities, and bulk chemical filtration that require broad chemical compatibility.

  • Polygard®-CR: polypropylene depth filters offer moderately high retention efficiency, high flow rates, and high dirt-holding capacity by virtue of a graded density of concentrically wrapped media. Best suited for course clarification applications such as facilities and bulk chemical filtration that require broad chemical compatibility.

Process-Scale Capsule Filters

Merck offers two sterile capsule options, Opticap® XL and XLT. Sterile capsules are gamma irradiated and available in a wide range of sizes for easy scale-up. Capsule filters are available with a variety of media including Durapore®, Millipore Express® SHC, SHF and SHR membranes.
  • Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/single-use-manufacturing/opticap_xl_125px.jpgOpticap® XL disposable capsule filters are designed to minimize hold-up volume and reduce production losses.
    2, 4, 5 and 10 inches

  • Opticap® XLT disposable T-line capsule filters can accommodate series or parallel filtration, and can be fitted with a pressure gauge port to make monitoring easy.
    10, 20 and 30 inches

Scalable and Small Scale Capsule Filters

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/single-use-manufacturing/millipak_disposable_filter_125px.jpgMillipak® Disposable Filter Units are stacked disc filters designed for the removal of particles and microorganisms from liquids and gases. The stacked disc design allows minimal hold-up volume and particle shedding. Millipak® units are made with Durapore® PVDF membranes
  • Pore sizes: 0.1 µm, 0.22 µm and 0.45 µm pore sizes with a variety of inlet and outlet connections.
Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/single-use-manufacturing/opticap_xl_capsule_125px.jpgOpticap® XL 150, 300, 600 capsules are ideal for small-volume sterile filling applications and process development. They are recommended for processing starting at 20L, and include a choice of Millipore Express® SHR or SHC membranes.

Pod Filters

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/single-use-manufacturing/pod_filters_125px.jpgThe innovative Pod filter system is a modular, disposable NFF filter format that delivers unprecedented flexibility for clarification and prefiltration applications. Available with Millistak+® HC, the self-contained, disposable design of the Pod platform gives you the ability to improve process speed, safety and economics in your clarification step.



Guide de sélection des produits de filtration stérilisante - En savoir plus

Guide de sélection des produits de filtration stérilisante

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