Mobius® Buffer and Media Preparation

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Buffer and Media Preparation

Sterile filtration of your buffer and media is a critical step in your process. Sterilizing-grade filters remove bacteria and ensure sterility and safety of your filtrate. Mobius® single-use manufacturing provides you with a range of mixers, filtration platforms, connectology and storage options to meet your buffer and media preparation needs quickly and easily.

The Mobius® FlexReady Solution for Buffer and Media Preparation is an easy-to-use system featuring an optimized single-use flowpath designed to fully support your needs. It features a choice of Millipore Express® PES or Durapore® filters, which are ideally suited for buffer preparation and cell culture media filtration.

The Mobius® FlexReady Solution for Buffer and Media Preparation consists of single-use Flexware® assemblies, innovative separation devices and process-ready hardware systems to deliver optimal operational flexibility, from process development to clinical production to small-scale commercial manufacturing.
  • Fast setup of hardware with easy installation of optimally designed Flexware® assemblies
  • Single-use flow paths provides maximum adaptability to your changing operational needs
  • Pre-designed and optimized solution for confidence and peace of mind

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