Guava® easyCyte Optical Configurations

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Robust Optics with Modulation

The compact easyCyte™ optical bench features fixed alignment and dual colinear laser capabilities with modulation. Optical configurations include one, two, or three lasers to address common flow cytometry applications. Industry-standard filter sets provide up to twelve colors and fourteen parameters including forward scatter and side scatter. No user adjustments are necessary, as laser and optical filter alignments are fixed with buffers in place to reduce the effects of vibration transference from internal mechanisms or external sources.

Excitation laser405 nm488 nm
(50 mW)
488 nm
(150 mW)
532 nm642 nm
Guava® easyCyte instrument
5, 5HT
6-2L, 6HT-2L
8, 8HT

Single-Laser Configurations

Guava® easyCyte 5 and 5HT systems
The single 50 mW blue laser configurations available in both single-sample loader and high-throughput (HT) sample loader configurations deliver 3 fluorescence detector channels plus forward scatter (FSc) and side scatter (SSc) for powerful 5-parameter detection, priced for every lab.
Guava® easyCyte 5 HPL and 5HT HPL systems
For applications requiring exceptional sensitivity, the single-laser formats can be ordered with a blue 150 mW high-powered laser (HPL), enhancing the detection of rare, dim, and small cells/events.

How it Works
Inside the Guava® easyCyte 5 & 5HT System

In the Guava® multilaser systems, the lasers overlap spatially and are modulated out of phase with each other at a high frequency of 60 kHz, so that each particle is sampled many times as it travels through the overlapped beams.

Dual-Laser Configurations

The 488-nm blue laser can be augmented with your choice of a 642 nm (red), a 405 nm (violet), or a 532 nm (green) laser options, providing up to 9 fluorescence detection channels plus forward and side scatter.
Guava® easyCyte 6-2L & 6HT-2L System
The affordable, accessible 6-2L systems combine a 50 mW blue laser with a red laser to yield 6 fluorescent channels plus forward scatter (FSc) and side scatter (SSc).
Guava® easyCyte™ 8 & 8HT System
The easyCyte 8 and 8HT instruments pair the power of a 150 mW blue laser with the expanded multichannel capacity of a red laser to provide 6 channels plus FSc and SSc, for a total of 8 parameters.
Guava® easyCyte™ HT BG System
The versatile green laser teams up with the 150 mW blue laser for a total of 10 available measurements per cell or event.
Guava® easyCyte™ 11HT
The combination of the violet and blue 150 mW lasers offers the capacity for use of the wide array of fluorochromes excited by the 405 nm laser, and the greatest number of detection channels of any Guava two-laser system.

Three-Laser Configurations

For extended multiplex options in a compact, benchtop format, the 150 mW blue laser can be combined with any two of the violet, green, and red laser options.
Guava® easyCyte™ 12HT System
The power of the 150 mW blue laser is complemented by the spectral breadth of the violet and red lasers, enabling more complex multiplex palettes with less need for compensation. With the addition of the new NIR-V channel, the easyCyte 12 now offers 11 fluorescence channels along with forward and side scatter.
Guava® easyCyte™ HT BGR System
The versatility of a new green laser for optimal excitation of RFP and mCherry along with key fluorophores and fluorescent reagents accompanies the spectral diversity of the blue and red lasers to provide FSc and SSc plus ten fluorescence channels.
Guava® easyCyte™ HT BGV System
Blue, green, and violet lasers enable endless combinations of fluorescent proteins, reagents, and fluorophores for up to 12 fluorescence detection channels.

Optical layout for the easyCyte™12 three-laser system

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