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  • Design Assays to Fit the Application
  • Growing Clinical Biomarker Assays
  • Analysis of Rat Kidney Injury Biomarkers
  • Development of Cytokine Biomarker & Immunogenicity Assays

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We Let YOUR Science Drive Biomarker Assay Development.

Your unique research may demand tracking unique combinations of biomarkers. Our Custom Assay Development Services puts your research plan as the blueprint for customized, highly validated immunoassay development with you in charge. Custom Assay Development Services allows you to pick your platform degree of customization required and validation levels and types to meet investigational or translational research needs.
Select your assay platform for custom development services:
Get the degree of customization you need:
  • Combine existing assays from our broadest collection of analytes available.
  • Receive complete protocols, analytical validation and all the reagents you need in a single kit.
  • Got an antibody? We can conjugate it to xMAP beads and validate for your Luminex system or your platform of choice
  • No antibody yet? We’ll develop one for you, carefully choosing immunogen and appropriate screening and validation.
Merck delivers:
  • Leading partner for assay development
  • More than a century of combined immunoassay development experience
  • Full analytical validation
  • Project-specific quality control
  • High-throughput screening
Types of work we do:
  • Global, standardized bioanalysis for multi-site studies
  • Customized quality control and assay validation to meet your project needs
  • Add assays for new biomarkers to existing multiplex assay panels
  • Design and develop bioanalytical studies to support your translational or investigational research … and more!

Consult with our custom assay team to learn more about how our extensive assay design experience can be customized for your project needs.

Featured Customer Success Story
Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/DrHectorWong.jpg“Our research group has leveraged the capabilities of the Merck Custom Assay Development program on three separate occasions over the last five years.

These collaborations were notable for pragmatic advice and design, efficiency, professionalism, and the delivery of a robust custom assay platform. We envision the need to design additional custom assays in the future and will certainly turn to this program again.”

Hector R. Wong, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Division of Critical Care Medicine
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Customer Reviews

“We have had the pleasure to work with Merck to develop several custom Luminex multiplex kits to measure canine and feline cytokine, endocrine, chemokines and adipokines as part of two joint development projects. From the outset the Merck team has been very engaged in understanding our needs, proposing a development work plan with realistic milestones and delivering or over delivering on those milestones in a timely manner. The contract negotiations were professional, terms were discussed openly and flexible to consider interests of both parties. Throughout the project Merck project team has been proactively engaged with us in keeping us abreast on progress, soliciting input as well as resources in a timely and professional manner to keep the project moving on schedule. Both projects resulted in set of unique and high value add reagents that has been immensely valuable for our internal research efforts.”

Dr. Ebenezer Satyaraj PhD | Manager –Product Development
Pet Waste Management Group
Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

“I worked with the Custom Assay Development Team at Merck to develop a custom multiplex kit to simultaneously measure 4 proteins associated with the development of a rare primary immunodeficiency, familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). The team was excellent to work with, and communication was open and easy. They listened to our specific needs for this assay to work well with peripheral blood mononuclear cell lysates. The team was open to sharing the development data along the way so that we were able to provide input regarding the development, including changing the control protein measured in the assay from tubulin to actin because it was more robust in peripheral blood mononuclear cell extracts. They also optimized lysate preparation for us, and were happy to evaluate samples from patients with protein deficiencies to ensure specificity of the antibodies used in the assay. Now we have a great custom kit that will allow us to easily study protein deficiencies simultaneously in patients with HLH without the need for Western blots.”

Dr. Rebecca A. Marsh
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio