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New Steritest™ NEO device, the Fourth Generation of Steritest™ Devices

The membrane filtration sterility test is the regulatory method of choice for filterable pharmaceutical products. The test is particularly suitable for samples containing preservative, bacteriostatic or fungistatic compounds, which inhibit microbial growth of potential contaminants. With membrane filtration, microorganisms are retained by a 0.45 µm pore size filter, and all inhibiting compounds are rinsed using a suitable rinse solution. Appropriate media, selected based upon their ability to support the growth of anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms, are then transferred to the membrane filters. A 14-day incubation period is required to obtain final test results. With our new device, we are raising the industry‘s standards, and driving innovation to provide you the most secure and reliable test ever.

New Features

Color Clamp Canister

Colored Clamps

Prevent filling errors and improve your workflow clarity, thanks to the pre-installed colored clamps and the existing blackline, for accurate media filling.

25 mL volume graduation

25 mL Volume Graduation

Be precise and improve your workflow accuracy through the addition of a 25 mL graduation line and volume engraved in the Steritest™ NEO canisters.

Placement mark

Placement Mark*

Be sure to place the Steritest™ tube in the pump head precisely using the new placement mark.

Easy opening

Easy Opening

Opening of the accessory bag is now simple and improves your workflow convenience thanks to the pre-cut line. No need for scissors.

Color coding

Color Coding

Clear packaging identification: selection of the appropriate box of Steritest™ NEO device is made much clearer thanks to the new color-coded label based on canister base color and using a needle/application drawing.

Peel-off label

Peel-off Label

Peel-and-stick label to place in a lab notebook for improved traceability.

* coming soon

"Coloured clamps ensure ease of tracking tubing to canisters and make it easier to differentiate between media canisters, reducing the chance of wrong incubation. The new tear bags are easy to open."
-- Courtney Smith, Lead Technician - Microbiology Stockton Quality Control Laboratory - University Hospital of North Tees - United Kingdom

Meet the Industry Benchmark

  • Minimize false positives: closed Steritest™ NEO filtration devices reduce the risk of false positive results and avoid costly investigation and possible batch loss. There are no open containers or membrane manipulations, which could increase the risk of contamination.
  • Reduce false negatives: Steritest™ NEO filtration devices are the right answer to the danger that false negative results pose to patients. Through specific membranes, unique sealing technology and optimized device design, the unit allows efficient elimination of bacteriostatic, fungistatic or bactericidal agents.
  • Easy Identification with color coding and optimized traceability.
  • Quality check: each Steritest™ NEO device is subjected to rigorous in-process and release quality checks including 100% membrane and canister integrity tests as well as intense physical and microbiological testing. The detailed certificates of quality are available for download from our website.

Steritest™ NEO Devices are Color-coded for Easy Identification

For products without antimicrobial agents For antibiotics and products with antimicrobial agents Increased chemical compatiblity

Blue canister base indicates mixed esters of cellulose membrane filters. This membrane provides an optimal filtration flow rate for standard products Red canister base indicates low absorption Durapore® PVDF membrane and specific drainage design. This optimizes the rinsing of products that inhibit microbial growth. Green canister base indicates low absorption Durapore® PVDF membrane, specific drainage design and polyamide canister polymer. This optimizes the chemical compatibility for products dissolved in solvents.

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