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Fine-Tune Your Water Quality

A comprehensive range of Application-Paks has been developed to fit your most stringent requirements. As the Application-Pak performs the very last purification stage, targeted contaminants are specifically removed right at the point of dispense each time you need water.

Millipak® Filter

0.22 µm membrane filter for the production of particulate- and bacteria-free water.

Biopak® Polisher

Biopak® Polisher
Ultrafilter for the production of pyrogen-, nuclease- and bacteria-free water.
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LC-Pak® Polisher

Application-Pak for the removal of trace organics for applications such as UHPLC, LC-MS or LC-MS/MS.

EDS-Pak® Polisher

Application-Pak for the production of endocrine disruptor-free water.
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VOC-Pak® Polisher

Application-Pak for the production of volatile organic compound-free water.

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Help you design the laboratory water system best adapted to
your needs.

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HPLC Workflow Solutions - Mobile Phase

HPLC Workflow Solutions

Mobile Phase

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八月 20
08/20/17 - 08/22/17
ACS Fall National Meeting & Exposition
Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC, USA
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品,分析及样品的制备 北美 20170820
九月 06
09/06/17 - 09/08/17
ASCP Annual Meeting
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA
水的提纯,分析及样品的制备 北美 20170906
十月 02
10/02/17 - 10/06/17
Fira Barcelona Gran Via
Barcelona, Spain
水的提纯,试剂、化学制剂及实验室用品, 生命科学研究 ,工业微生物,分析及样品的制备 欧洲 20171002