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xPONENT® Multiplex Assay Acquisition and Analysis Software by Luminex

An intuitive tool developed specifically for the Luminex xMAP® System
We are proud to be one of the few Luminex partners to offer xPONENT® software, bringing the power of integration and automation to your lab to improve workflow efficiency and to help analyze and organize your data. Luminex xPONENT® software is easy to use and provides the flexibility to perform both protein and nucleic acid testing on one Luminex system. The Luminex xPONENT® software is also compatible with magnetic bead-based assays.

Luminex® xPONENT® Multiplex Assay Analysis Software Templates

Kit templates for xPONENT® software can be imported for all MILLIPLEX® kits.

To request a software template, please email techserv_dd@emdmillipore.com or call 1-800-221-1975.

Luminex® xPONENT® Multiplex Assay Analysis Standard Software Features Include:

  • Intuitive graphical interface with simplified workflow and applications 
  • Assay-specific reporter gene gain levels optimize assay sensitivity 
  • New data archiving functions for managing batches, products, kits and lots 
  • New XML data output for ease of data analysis 
  • Real-time system status for improved functionality 
  • User-friendly plate setup and reporting

Customization Options to Tailor Luminex® xPONENT® Software to Your Individual Needs:

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance to provide an electronic signature audit trail 
  • Automation compatibility for increased efficiency 
  • LIS integration capability for bidirectional interface connectivity via ASTM protocol 
  • Color touch screen to simplify workflow 
  • Security package enabling user login/password

Luminex® xPONENT® Multiplex Analysis Software Compatibility and Upgrades

Luminex® xPONENT® 3.1 software can be ordered with the Luminex 200™ System. Luminex® xPONENT® 3.1 software is backwards-compatible with the Luminex 100™/200™ Systems and upgrades are available for the software package with the new calibration kit, verification kit and the new Automated Maintenance Plate (AMP).