Mobius® FlexReady for Chromatography

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Unit Operation


Chromatography Unit Operation

Chromatography is critical to the successful purification of your drug. Mobius® single-use manufacturing offers a range of products, services and solutions that enable you to shorten your manufacturing time while continuing to offer the same level of purification performance. You can select from a range of single-use options including integrated separation platforms, mixers, connectors, storage containers and hardware.

The Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware® Assemblies for Chromatography is a fully automated system designed to achieve optimum performance during the purification of MAbs, vaccines, plasma and therapeutic proteins. The system features industry leading resins and single-use devices such as Fractogel® resin, Eshmuno® resin and ProSep® Ultra Plus resin.

The Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware® Assemblies is the most flexible system available, allowing customers to have a single, scalable system that can switch between chromatography and tangen­tial flow filtration (TFF), maximizing the flexibility of your high value investments.

  • Standard hardware platform supports multi-unit operation, multi-product and multiscale production maximizing the flexibility of high-value investments
  • Smart Flexware® single-use assemblies provide ease-of-use, robust reproducibility, elimination of carryover from previous batches
  • Full process automation enables you to easily and reproducibly produce clinical and preclinical scale quantities of high-value drug products
  • Comprehensive services ensure rapid implementation and optimized performance

Learn more about the Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware® Assemblies for TFF.

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Mobius® Single-use
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