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Flexible Filling Productivity

Mobius® Fill Finish Solutions

Mobius® single-use fill finish assemblies provide the flexible filling productivity that allows you to respond to the demands to manufacture a variety of drug products and fill volumes. With new therapies on the horizon, clinical runs are increasing and the majority of these new drugs have smaller lot sizes and highly potent ingredients. Traditional fill finish operations have their own set of productivity challenges that can limit filling flexibility and the needs of this changing market.

Mobius® fill finish assemblies are easily implemented to meet today's increasingly complex drug production demands. Single-use delivers greater process flexibility and productivity, increase operator and product safety as well as reduce validation requirements and process turnaround time.
  • Safety, efficiency, cost reduction
  • Decrease risk of cross contamination
  • Eliminate cleaning requirements
  • Reduce set-up time
  • Reduce validation
  • Increase filling productivity
  • Reduce time to market
  • Decrease filling line bottlenecks by retrofitting existing hard piped systems with a single-use solution
Smart Thinking from Mobius®
Integrating a single-use fill finish operation can reduce your campaign fill time by 75%. We have results demonstrating a 36 hours to 12 hours reduction from initial clean and set up to final fill at 10,000 fills per hour.
How to Implement Single-use Fill Finish
Experts from the Mobius® team work with you to determine your specific fill finish requirements. The result: a single-use fill finish system that’s ready to use out of the box, featuring modular, fully optimized assemblies. The assemblies are connected to create a disposable system that adapts easily to the needs of your specific filling requirements, using only what is needed for that specific fill volume. These systems are replicable, scalable and facilitate technology transfer across multiple sites.

As the cutting edge biotech companies develop new molecules, rapid drug commercialization requires fast, efficient technology transfer across multiple sites.
Closed System Filling Transfer Set to Isolator
Mobius Fill Finish Process
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Mobius® Single Use Fill Finish Assemblies are constructed with the same materials of construction used by all our Mobius® single use products from upstream through downstream.

To learn more, view our Webinar on Risk-based Assessment of Extractables & Leachables from Single-use Systems.


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