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Glycine EMPROVE® exp - Made in Germany

As a leading provider of raw materials and excipients for the pharmaceutical production, we do everything we can to fulfil our customers’ needs for first-class quality and safety. In 2009 we therefore implemented our own in-house glycine production capacities in order to reliably supply you with glycine in the amounts you need and in the highest quality. Since the beginning of 2011, production in Darmstadt is up and running – from there on we deliver you glycine “made in Germany”!

  • First-class quality, made in Germany
  • Unchanged specification
  • EMPROVE® exp for faster time to market
  • Direct contact to the manufacturer
  • Higher supply reliability
Quality and Supply Reliability

In the pharmaceutical industry, glycine can be used as stabilizer, as buffer substance, and in various other applications. When our long-time glycine supplier stopped production in 2009, we were faced with the decision of either buying glycine from another manufacturer or starting our own glycine production. In order to offer our customers optimal quality and maximal supplier reliability on a long-term basis, we opted for the latter.

Glycine with Unchanged Specs

Meanwhile, our glycine production facilities in Darmstadt have reached their full capacity: We are able to produce glycine in bulk amounts according to GMP requirements and in best quality. The new material has the item code 1.00590. As a matter of course, the specification is identical to that of our former item 5.00190. And because the new glycine is still part of our EMPROVE® exp product family, you can save time and costs in your registration process: Our detailed, ready-to-use EMPROVE® exp dossiers comprise comprehensive, usage-specific information on the manufacturing process, testing procedures, specification, stability data, and more.

Glycine produced in Darmstadt (100590 Glycine cryst. suitable for use as excipient EMPROVE® exp Ph Eur, BP, JP, USP) is available in the following package sizes

  • 1 kg plastic bottle
  • 5 kg plastic bottle
  • 25 kg fibre carton 
  • 50 kg plastic drum

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