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The SeQuant® scientists at Merck Millipore - who pioneered zwitterionic HILIC - have developed and collected a range of tools, tutorials and application examples. These resources are available below to facilitate your method development for HPLC and LC-MS separations of polar hydrophilic compounds.

Scientific Papers

Links to articles published by scientists using SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC products to solve difficult analysis problems in laboratories around the world. Learn more

HILIC Retention Predictor

Easily determine if your compound is suitable for HILIC separations using Merck Millipore free online tool. Learn more

SeQuant® FAQ List

Answers to the most common questions about ZIC®-HILIC methods and products. Learn more

SeQuant® Support Team

Contact our team for further support on ZIC®-HILIC products or questions regarding application development. Learn more

Technical Support

A collection of HPLC ZIC®-HILIC resources at your fingertips. Learn more

A Practical Guide to HILIC

A tutorial and application book, available online or as a hardcopy free of charge. Learn more 

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HPLC application collections

HPLC Application Collections
Application notes and methods

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