Singulex Erenna® Immunoassay Kits & Reagents

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Singulex Erenna® Immunoassay Kits
Singulex Erenna® Immunoassay Kits combine a familiar immunoassay workflow, with a 96-well plate option, with Single Molecule Counting technology
Erenna® Immunoassay Kits using Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) technology (developed by Singulex, Inc.) enable you to reach the highest levels of sensitivity possible in an immunoassay format. Singulex Erenna® kits contain all reagents required to perform assays on the Erenna® Immunoassay System. These assays take advantage of a standard immunoassay workflow and may be configured with a proprietary paramagnetic microparticle solid phase capture for ultrasensitive biomarker quantification, or in a standard plate format when extreme sensitivity is not required.

Assay protocols are similar to existing sandwich ELISA methods with two key differences:
  1. Elution buffer disrupts the sandwich, separating the labeled detection antibody for quantification.
  2. Erenna® Immunoassay System detects analytes using Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) technology.
The workflow similarities to a standard ELISA means that a laboratory can convert to SMC™ technology with relative ease. Studies have been performed to demonstrate the ease of conversion from a traditional ELISA to an Erenna SMC™ immunoassay and the resultant impacts on assay performance, sample requirements, and cost. Download the application note, “Improved Performance with Conversion from ELISA to an Erenna SMC™ Immunoassay”.