Aerex 2 Hydrophobic Cartridge Filters

Aerex 2 hydrophobic cartridge filters provide high flow rates at low pressure differentials.



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    What is the difference between Aerex and Aervent?Aervent cartridges have a 0.2µ PTFE membrane and are used in pharmaceutical applications where it is critical to use a phobic filter that has proven bacterial and viral retention capabilities. Common applications for Aervent are fermentation air applications, bioreactor inlet and outlet filtration and sterile process gases. Aervent filters have a liquid bacterial retention claim as well as a virus aerosol retention claim.

    Aerex filters also have a 0.2µ PTFE membrane but they do not come with a liquid bacterial retention claim. Common applications for Aerex include bulk intermediate manufacturing and non-pharamaceutical applications such as industrial fermentation. Aerex filters do have a virus aerosol retention claim.