04-435 | Anti-Bcl-10 Antibody, rabbit monoclonal

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      Replacement Information

      Key Spec Table

      Species ReactivityKey ApplicationsHostFormatAntibody Type
      Human OnlyFC, IP, WB, IH(P)RbPurifiedMonoclonal Antibody
      Catalogue Number04-435
      Brand Family Upstate
      Trade Name
      • Upstate
      DescriptionAnti-Bcl-10 Antibody, rabbit monoclonal
      Product Information
      PresentationIn 60% storage buffer (50 mM Tris-Glycine (pH 7.4), 0.15 M NaCl, 0.01% sodium azide and 0.05% BSA) and 40% glycerol.
      ApplicationPlease note that this product will not be available for sale after March 15, 2015. Please select one of the other antibodies against this target. Anti-Bcl-10 Antibody, Rabbit is an antibody against Bcl-10 for use in FC, IP, WB, IH(P).
      Key Applications
      • Flow Cytometry
      • Immunoprecipitation
      • Western Blotting
      • Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin)
      Biological Information
      ImmunogenKLH-conjugated synthetic peptide corresponding to the N-terminal region of human Bcl-10.
      SpecificityRecognizes a region near the N-terminus domain of human Bcl-10.
      Species Reactivity
      • Human Only
      Antibody TypeMonoclonal Antibody
      Entrez Gene Number
      Entrez Gene SummaryThis gene was identified by its translocation in a case of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma. The protein encoded by this gene contains a caspase recruitment domain (CARD), and has been shown to induce apoptosis and to activate NF-kappaB. This protein is reported to interact with other CARD domain containing proteins including CARD9, 10, 11 and 14, which are thought to function as upstream regulators in NF-kappaB signaling. This protein is found to form a complex with MALT1, a protein encoded by another gene known to be translocated in MALT lymphoma. MALT1 and this protein are thought to synergize in the activation of NF-kappaB, and the deregulation of either of them may contribute to the same pathogenetic process that leads to the malignancy.
      Gene Symbol
      • BCL10
      • mE10
      • CARMEN
      • cCARMEN
      • Bcl-10
      • Cellular-E10
      • CLAP
      • CIPER
      • c-E10
      • hCLAP
      UniProt Number
      UniProt SummaryFUNCTION: SwissProt: O95999 # Promotes apoptosis, pro-caspase-9 maturation and activation of NF-kappa-B via NIK and IKK. May be an adapter protein between upstream TNFR1-TRADD-RIP complex and the downstream NIK-IKK-IKAP complex.
      SIZE: 233 amino acids; 26252 Da
      SUBUNIT: Self-associates by CARD-CARD interaction and forms a tight complex with MALT1. Interacts with other CARD-proteins such as CARD9, CARD10, CARD11 and CARD14. Binds caspase-9 with its C- terminal domain. Interacts with TRAF2 and BIRC2/c-IAP2.
      SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Cytoplasm, perinuclear region. Note=Appears to have a perinuclear, compact and filamentous pattern of expression. Also found in the nucleus of several types of tumor cells.
      TISSUE SPECIFICITY: Ubiquitous.
      PTM: Phosphorylated. Phosphorylation results in dissociation from TRAF2 and binding to BIRC2/c-IAP2.
      DISEASE: SwissProt: O95999 # A chromosomal aberration involving BCL10 is recurrent in low-grade mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT lymphoma). Translocation t(1;14)(p22;q32). Although the BCL10/IgH translocation leaves the coding region of BCL10 intact, frequent BCL10 mutations could be attributed to the Ig somatic hypermutation mechanism resulting in nucleotide transitions. & Defects in BCL10 are involved in various types of cancer.
      SIMILARITY: SwissProt: O95999 ## Contains 1 CARD domain.
      Molecular Weight32 kDa
      Physicochemical Information
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Quality AssuranceRoutinely evaluated by immunoblot.
      Usage Statement
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Storage Conditions2 year at -20°C from date of shipment. Upon first thaw, and prior to removing the cap, centrifuge the vial and gently mix the solution. Aliquot into microcentrifuge tubes and store at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles, which may damage IgG and affect product performance. Note: Variability in freezer temperatures below -20°C may cause glycerol-containing solutions to become frozen during storage.
      Packaging Information
      Material Size100 µL
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information




      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

      Certificates of Analysis

      TitleLot Number
      Anti-Bcl-10, Rabbit Monoclonal - 0611046442 0611046442
      Anti-Bcl-10, Rabbit Monoclonal - NG1932136 NG1932136


      Reference overviewPub Med ID
      Regulation of NF-kappaB-dependent lymphocyte activation and development by paracaspase
      Ruefli-Brasse, Astrid A, et al
      Science, 302:1581-4 (2003)  2003

      14576442 14576442
      Cytogenetic study of B-cell lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue
      Wotherspoon, A C, et al
      Cancer Genet Cytogenet, 58:35-8 (1992)  1992

      1728948 1728948

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