CD3 Antibodies

Millipore offers Anti-CD3 Antibodies that demonstrate specificity against CD3. See below for various CD3 antibodies, and conjugates for Flow Cytometry, based on the expertise of Upstate & Chemicon.

The CD3 complex is composed of six polypeptides with usually four different transmembrane CD3 chains: gamma, delta, epsilon and zeta. CD3 is first detectable in early thymocytes and one of the earliest signs of commitment to the T cell lineage. In cortical thymocytes, during early stages of maturation, the CD3 antigen is predominantly present in the cell cytoplasm. In medullary thymocytes, it is detected on the cell surface. The majority of T cell neoplasms also expresses CD3, but it is absent from non-T-cell lymphoid malignancies.



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Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Species Reactivityicon Formaticon Pack Sizeicon
05-785Anti-CD3ε Antibody, clone APA1/1 Human, Mouse Purified 200 µg Show Pricing & Availability
16-241Anti-CD3ε Antibody, clone APA1/1, Alexa Fluor® 488 conjugate Human, Mouse AlexaFluor®488 100 µg Show Pricing & Availability
CBL150Anti-CD3 Antibody, clone UCHT1 Human Purified 100 µg Show Pricing & Availability
FCMAB168PMilli-Mark Anti-CD3 -PE Antibody, clone UCHT1 Human Phycoerythrin 100 tests Show Pricing & Availability
FCMAB169C5Milli-Mark Anti-CD3 -PECy5 Antibody, clone UCHT1 Human Phycoerythrin/Cy5 100 tests Show Pricing & Availability

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