Y04D-02-5PK | CellASIC ONIX plate diploid yeast cells (4 chamber, 5-7 micron)

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      Replacement Information
      Catalogue NumberY04D-02-5PK
      Trade Name
      • CellASIC ONIX
      DescriptionCellASIC ONIX plate diploid yeast cells (4 chamber, 5-7 micron)
      Product Information
      Device Configuration4 chamber
      ApplicationThe Y04 plates for Diploid Yeast Cells utilize a microfabricated silicone ceiling with a height similar to yeast cells to restrict their growth in a single focal plane & maintaining x,y position over time.
      Biological Information
      Physicochemical Information
      Dimensions85.48 mm Wide x 127.76 mm Long x 14.35 mm Height
      Cell Size Range5.0–7.0 µm
      Materials Information
      Device Material
      • PDMS
      • PMMA
      • Glass
      • Polycarbonate
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Packaging Information
      Material Size5
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information




      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 


      Reference overviewPub Med ID
      The DNA damage checkpoint regulates a transition between yeast and hyphal growth in schizosaccharomyces japonicus.
      Kanji Furuya, Hironori Niki
      Molecular Cell Biology vol. 30 no. 12, 2909-2917 (June 2010)  2010

      Show Abstract
      20368354 20368354


      CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform Dynamic live cell analysis for yeast
      CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic System
      Study Cancer with the CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform. Cancer cells can change rapidly. Are you prepared to study them dynamically?
      The CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic System

      Technical Info

      A dynamic live cell assay platform to elucidate the mechanisms underlying autophagy
      Application Note: A comprehensive workflow for screening and real-time analysis of cell migration
      Application Note: An integrated platform for real-time dynamic culturing and analysis of hypoxia with single cell resolution
      CellASIC® ONIX live cell analysis platform for neural stem cell microenvironment control
      Demonstration of long-term culture and in-plate staining protocols using the CellASIC(R) ONIX Microfluidic platform
      Establishing a time course for translocation of FOXO4 in live cells using a novel microfluidic culture platform assay
      Live cell imaging of yeast with the CellASIC® platform reveals effect of the extracellular milieu
      Long-term, live cell analysis of host-pathogen interactions using the CellASIC® ONIX System
      Microfluidic perfusion enables long-term cell culture, precise microenvironment control and gene expression analysis
      Microincubator for Long-Term, Live Cell Microscopy and Hypoxic Culture

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