CorrTest Integrity Testing Kits

Reliably and reproducibly predict the PhiX-174 retention of a given Viresolve product.



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SJ4M034E99CorrTest Integrity Test Kit for Process Scale 1 x 100 L Wetting; 1 x 100 L Intrusion Show Pricing & Availability
SJ4P032E3CorrTest Integrity Test (10 and 20-stack modules) Kit 1 x 3.8 L Wetting; 1 x 3.8 L Intrusion Show Pricing & Availability
VMVCT06S3CorrTest Integrity Test (0.03-0.1 m2 modules) Kit 3 x 0.4 L Wetting; 3 x 1 L Intrusion Show Pricing & Availability

Two kits SJ4P 032 E3 required per 20-stack module

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