Helicon SS50 Spiral Wound Ultrafiltration Modules

Spiral-wound ultrafiltration membrane cartridges designed for the concentration and desalting of aqueous solutions of macromolecules.



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PL Series - Regenerated Cellulose Low Protein Binding Membrane Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Filter Codeicon NMWLicon
CDUF050LAPLAC 1 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
CDUF050LCPLCC 5 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
CDUF050LGPLGC 10 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
CDUF050LTPLTK 30 kDa Show Pricing & Availability

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    Technical Info

    Protein Concentration and Diafiltration by Tangential Flow Filtration -- An Overview


    How is NWP measured?NWP is measured by filtering pure water throught he system at controlled cross flow, Trans Membrane Pressure and temperature. The filtrate flow rate is measured. The flow rate is normalized to the membrane area, TMP and temperature.

    Please refer to the operator's manual or contact Techical Service for further questions regarding the calculation of NWP.
    Are the TFF membranes autoclavable or steam sterilizable?The membranes for Pellicon XL, Helicon UF, Helicon RO, spiral wound/prep/scale, Prostak UF and Pellicon 2 are not autoclavable or steam sterilizable. However, a chemical sanitization can be done; refer to the maintenance manual for these membranes.

    Note: Prostak Open Channel with microporous Durapore membranes can be steam sterilized.
    What is Normalized Water Permeability?NWP is a measure of the ability of pure water to pass through the filter membrane. NWP is a property of the TFF system and is contributed to by the membrane as well as the feed and permeate flow paths in the filter.
    How does NWP aid in effective cleaning procedure development?Fouling and polarization leave residues on the membrane that can reduce filter permeability. Effective cleaning removes these residues, restoring the permeability of the membrane. Ideally, NWP after cleaning should equal NWP before use although there can be variation up to +/-15% due to membrane compaction under pressure and measurement error.

    NWP validates the ability of cleaning to restore filtration rate of a system.

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    Helicon-SS50 Cartridges Installation Guide