Labscale TFF System

Easy to use for sample preparation while also providing the necessary controls for process development and scale-up work.



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Labscale TFF Systems Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon
XX42LSS11Labscale™ Kits System 115 V Show Pricing & Availability
XX42LSS12Labscale™ Kits System 230 V Show Pricing & Availability
XX42LSS13Labscale™ Kits System GB-230 V Show Pricing & Availability

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Labscale TFF System Components Clear Sorting & Filtering
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XX42PMP01Pump Module Show Pricing & Availability
XX42RES01Reservoir, 500 mL, for LabScale Show Pricing & Availability
XX42RES05Reservoir, 100 mL, for LabScale Show Pricing & Availability
XX42STR11Stirbase, 115 V, for Labscale™ Show Pricing & Availability
XX42STR12Stirbase, 230 V, for Labscale™ Show Pricing & Availability
XX42STR13Stirbase, 230 V (GB), for Labscale™ Show Pricing & Availability
XXMULTIMNMulti-Manifold Show Pricing & Availability
XXRES05STStand for 100 mL Reservoir Show Pricing & Availability

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Compatible Pumps and Pump Head Clear Sorting & Filtering
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XX80LFL25Labscale System 1/8" Tubing Kit Show Pricing & Availability

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    Data Sheet

    Pellicon® Laboratory Systems, Holders and Assemblies
    Pellicon® XL 50 Cassette and Labscale TFF System


    How do I dampen the pulse on a Labscale system?The best method is to apply a restriction (pressure drop) in the pump outlet tube. Use a small pinch valve (one supplied with the PXL device) and pinch the pump outlet tube to dampen the pulsation. The closer you put the clamp to the feed inlet of the manifold, the more effective the dampening will be. The pinch valve effectively reduces the feed flow pulsation caused by the reciprocating diaphragm pump. The pinch valve is applied to the pump outlet tube and is therefore upstream of the feed pressure gauge and PXL device. Flow and feed pressure to the device is not effected once the pump speed and pinch valve have been set.

    Procedure: Set pressure drop across PXL device
    Adjust pinch valve to minimize feed gauge pulsation
    Pump speed may or may not need to be adjusted to maintain feed pressure

    By creating a pressure drop prior to the Labscale Reservoir manifold, you create a driving force to maintain flow even while the pump is in the suction mode. A pressure drop of approximately 10 psi across the pinch valve works quite well. The pinch valve is required to adjust the restriction depending on the flow rate
    Can I use TFF systems to separate two proteins based on a significant difference in their respective molecular weights?As a general rule ultrafiltration does not provide high efficiency separations of protein mixtures. However, it may be possible to effect this type of separation between two proteins that have at least 10 X difference in molecular weight and if there is an ultrafiltration membrane available with a NMWL rating between the molecular weight of the two proteins. These separations are also generally more successful with dilute protein solutions and if run at low pressure.
    How many times can I reuse TFF membranes?It is possible to reuse both ultrafiltration and microporous membranes used in Millipore Tangential flow systems (Miniplate, Prep Scale etc.). The number of uses for any given set of membranes is directly related to the effectiveness of the cleaning and storage protocols used. Please refer to the TFF Maintenance Guides for suggested cleaning and storage procedures.
    Can the Labscale TFF System accommodate more than one Pellicon XL?PRODUCT:
    Multimanifold Kit for Labscale TFF System

    Catalogue No.DescriptionUS List Price
    XXMULTIMN Labscale Multimanifold Kit, 1/pk$150

    The Labscale Multimanifold Kit is designed to accommodate up to 3 Pellicon XL devices and mount directly onto the Labscale Reservoir. It may also be used with a peristaltic pump for those customers without a Labscale Reservoir.

    It is intended to be used for either membrane selection by choosing devices with different membranes or to increase surface area by choosing devices with the same membrane.

    The Labscale Multi-Manifold Kit includes 2 multi-port manifolds with assorted tubing fittings. Manifold fittings include male and female luer lock. Assorted fittings included male and female luer plugs, male to female luer lock elbows, and male luer lock to 1/8" barb.

    Materials of Construction
    Tubing Tygon LFL

    Physical Characteristics
    Multi-Manifoldwith Packaging
    Length:2.6 inches6.6 inches
    Width:2.8 inches4.3 inches
    Weight:0.2 lbs0.34 lbs

    Fittings Male / FemaleLuer Lock
    Maximum Operating Pressure80 psi

    User Guides

    Labscale Multi Manifold Kit Installation Instructions
    Labscale™ Tangential Flow Filtration System

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