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Include all of the fittings and basic instrumentation to allow fast and easy set-up and processing.



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B26524Analog Pressure Gauge with Sanitary Diaphragm Protection 1 Show Pricing & Availability
XX42PS001Prep/Scale Module Holder 1 Show Pricing & Availability
XX42PSG01LDigital Pressure Gauge 3/4 in. left TC connection 1 Show Pricing & Availability

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    Is the Prep/Scale product line linearly scalable?No, the Prep/Scale product line is not linearly scalable. For TFF applications, the Pellicon products are the only line linearly scalable systems.
    What are the minimum working volumes for each of the Prep/Scale cartridges?The 1 ft2 cartridge has a minimum working volume of 100 mL, the 2.5 ft2 has 150 mL, and the 6 ft2 cartridge has a minimum working volume of 250 mL. These volumes include the tubing volume, and depend on the set-up of the entire system.
    What are my membrane choices for the Prep/Scale cartridges?The Prep/Scale cartridges are available in both PL (regenerated cellulose) and PT (polysulfone). Both of these membrane types are not of the new composite void-free membrane line. The Prep/scale units are not available in microporous membranes.
    How many gauges come with the Prep/Scale holder?Only one analog pressure gauge comes with the Prep/Scale holder. If you desire operation with two gauges, you may purchase an extra analog pressure gauge with catalog number: B26524. Alternatively, you may purchase the Digital Pressure Gauge Kit which contains two high accuracy pressure gauges with 3/4" sanitary clamp fittings to attach to the Prep/Scale holder.
    What other materials are the Prep/Scale cartridges composed of in addition to the UF membrane?The Prep/Scale cartridges also contain polyurethane adhesive, polyethylene (feed/retentate) and polypropylene (permeate) screens, polysulfone housing and permeate tube, and PTFE with silicone reinforcement tape. All materials are Class VI tested and approved.
    What is the maximum operating presure for the Prep/Scale system?The maximum operating pressure of the Prep/Scale system is 80 psig, or 5.5 bar. It is important to note, however, that the most important variable for pressure capability of the system is the tubing. For example, even though the holder and cartridge can handle up to 80 psig, silicone tubing if used in the set-up will burst at pressures at and above 20 psi.
    Can the Prep/Scale cartridge or holder be autoclaved?Neither the Prep/Scale cartridges or holder may be autoclaved. The maximum temperature for both of these pieces is 50 degrees Celsius, 122 degrees Farenheit.
    How do you integrity test the Prep/Scale cartridge?One would integrity test a Prep/Scale cartridge by performing a diffusion test. A diffusion test is very unlike that of a bubble point test. For specific parameters and procedures see the Maintenance Procedure Manual literature number P34409.
    Is it necessary to operate the Prep/Scale cartridge with the Prep/Scale holder?No, it is not necessary to operate the Prep/Scale cartridge with the Prep/Scale holder. It is possible to operate a cartridge with the bare minimum of a ring stand to hold the cartridge, a retentate clamp, tubing, and a pump. It is recommended to include gauges into the system (one on the retentate and one on the feed), but not entirely necessary. The Prep/Scale holder offers a much higher level of convenience and accuracy. The built-in retentate clamp allows for more precise and sensitive adjustment of the retentate line, the gauges have easily accessible and convenient fittings, the holder can lower the minimum working volume by eliminating part of the tubing requirement for set- up without a holder, and it makes it possible to have an easy sanitary set-up
    What volume can I process with each of the units in the Prep/Scale product line?The Prep/Scale-TFF-1, 0.1m2 (1ft2) cartridge is typically used for processing volumes of ~500 mL up to ~10 L.
    The Prep/Scale-TFF-2, 0.23m2 (2.5ft2) cartridge is typically used for processing volumes of ~10 L up to ~50 L.
    The Prep/Scale-TFF-6, 0.54m2 (6 ft2) cartridge is typically used for processing volumes of ~50L up to ~100L.

    It is important to note, however, that really there is no upper or lower volume limit per cartridge. What needs to be kept in mind is that the larger the cartridge the larger the surface area, the faster the processing, and the larger the hold-up volume. Conversely, the smaller the cartridge, the lesser the surface area, the slower the processing, and the lesser the hold-up volume. The Prep/Scale-TFF-2 cartridge can process a volume about 2.5X faster than the Prep/Scale-TFF-1 cartridge, and the Prep/Scale-TFF-6 cartridge can process a volume about 2.5X faster than the Prep/Scale-TFF-2 cartridge.

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