Vimentin Antibodies

Millipore’s Anti-Vimentin antibodies demonstrate specificity against Vimentin and show broad species reactivity. See below for Vimentin antibodies, based on the expertise of Upstate & Chemicon.

Vimentin is the major subunit protein of the intermediate filaments of mesenchymal cells. It is involved with the intracellular transport of proteins between the nucleus and plasma membrane. Vimentin has been implicated to be involved in the rate of steroid synthesis via its role as a storage network for steroidogenic cholesterol containing lipid droplets. Immunohistochemical staining for Vimentin is characteristic of sarcomas (of neural, muscle and fibroblast origin). Melanomas, lymphomas and vascular tumors may all stain for Vimentin.



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Vimentin Antibodies Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Species Reactivityicon Formaticon Pack Sizeicon
AB1620Anti-Vimentin Antibody Human, Mammals Serum 500 µL Show Pricing & Availability
AB5733Anti-Vimentin Antibody Chicken, Human, Mouse, Rat, Feline Serum 50 µL Show Pricing & Availability
CBL202Anti-Vimentin Antibody, clone VIM 3B4 Amphibian, Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Human, Monkey Purified 50 µg Show Pricing & Availability
MAB1681Anti-Vimentin Antibody, clone LN-6 Human, Mouse Culture Supernatant 1 mL Show Pricing & Availability
MAB1687Anti-Vimentin Antibody, clone 43BE8 Human, Monkey Ascites 100 µL Show Pricing & Availability
MAB3400Anti-Vimentin Antibody, clone V9 Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Feline, Human, Monkey, Pig, Rat Purified 40 µg Show Pricing & Availability

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