71833 | EpiTag™ ERK1 (pT202, pY204) Bead Kit

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      This product has been discontinued.

      The EpiTag™ product line has been discontinued. Most targets will be available in the MILLIPLEX EpiQuant portfolio in Q2 2012, with the exception of Total ERK1 and Total ERK2, which will be replaced with Total ERK1/2. To view the current offering from MILLIPLEX EpiQuant, please visit the website at : http://www.millipore.com/epiquant.

      *******Please Note: Although we are now EMD Millipore, our ordering systems are still separate. Please complete your order before linking to the MILLIPLEX site, as you will navigate away from this page and may lose other items in your basket. You must place a separate order with Millipore for these products. We apologize for this inconvenience.

      The EpiTag™ ERK1 (pT202, pY204) Bead Kit contains the antibody-coated capture beads and biotinylated detection antibodies that together form the bead-based immunoassay for the detection of levels of ERK1 (pT202, pY204) from human and mouse samples using the WideScreen® EpiTag™ system for the Luminex® xMAP® Platform. To verify that various bead kits can be multiplexed together, consult the EpiTag™ Assay Compatibility Chart in TB499.

      The bead kits may be purchased separately or as pre-mixed pathway panels. A listing of EpiTag™ Bead Kits available can be found at www.merck4biosciences.com/WideScreen.

      The EpiTag™ ERK1 (pT202, pY204) Bead Kit contains reagents sufficient for 100 tests.

      Use with the EpiTag™ Cell Lysis Kit (Cat.No. 71784-3), EpiTag™ Digest Kit (Cat.No. 71785-3) and Widescreen® Reagent Kit (Cat No. 71783-3). When performing quantitative assays use with the EpiTag™ ERK Pathway Standards Mix (Cat. No. 71791-3).

      Due to the unique nature of the EpiTag™ Technology and sample preparation, the EpiTag™ buffers and Bead Kits are incompatible with other WideScreen® brand bead-based assay buffers and kits and those from other companies. EpiTag™ Technology and Assays are offered under limited, non-transferable license from Millipore Corporation.

      Catalogue Number 71833
      Brand Family Novagen®
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