Contact Plates for Surface & Personnel Monitoring


Maximum Safety for Sampling Dry, Sanitized Surfaces

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ICR/ICRplus, RT/RTplus & Envirocheck® Contact Plates for Surface and Personnel Monitoring

Merck’s contact plates are available as gamma-irradiated and non-irradiated for surface and personnel monitoring in critical and less critical areas. The ICR/ICRplus, RT/RTplus and Envirocheck® Contact Plates contain either Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA), Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (SDA) or vegetable peptone media of non-animal origin to reduce the risk of BSE/TSE contamination to an absolute minimum.

Learn more about our ready-to-use contact plates for monitoring surfaces and personnel in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

heipha ICR/ICRplus and Envirocheck® Contact Plates
ICR/ICRplus & Envirocheck® Contact Plates

The ICR/ICRplus and Envirocheck Contact Plates are gamma-irradiated and triple-bagged for monitoring of isolators and critical clean rooms.

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heipha RT/RTplus and Envirocheck® Contact Plates
RT/RTplus & Envirocheck® Contact Plates

The RT/RTplus and Envirocheck® Contact Plates are single-bagged and non-irradiated for use in less critical clean rooms.

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Secure & Reliable
  • Data matrix barcode on each plate for paperless and secure identification of individual plates
  • Transparent, H2O2-impermeable triple-sleeve packaging for safe transportation in clean rooms and isolators 
  • CLOSED and VENT closure options of ICRplus and RTplus Contact Plates for safe transportation and variation of incubation conditions
  • Room temperature stability allows storage at site of use
  • Long shelf life for fewer incoming goods controls
  • Sabouraud Dextrose Agar in pink plates to make TSA and SDA plates easily distinguishable
  • A large variety of formulations for monitoring sanitized, dry surfaces
  • Supplemented with neutralizers of a wide range of disinfectants and ß-lactam antibiotics
  • New formulation of non-animal origin available for minimal risk of BSE contamination (in ICRplus plates only)


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