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Passive Air Monitoring Solutions

Settle plates (also known as sedimentation plates or settling plates) are used in the pharmaceutical industry for semi-quantitative determination of microbial contaminations in the air. The plates Merck provides are also suitable for personnel monitoring, e.g. gloves. These culture media are easy-to-use, enabling continuous and efficient monitoring for micro-organisms during production processes.

Merck’s passive air monitoring solutions are perfectly tailored to the requirements of a large variety of applications. For example, our triple-bagged and gamma-irradiated ICR and Envirocheck® Settle Plates are perfectly designed for use in critical clean rooms and isolators. For non critical areas and other environments, Merck’s single-bagged LI Settle Plates are the ideal choice. These solutions all provide an important benefit: They meet all relevant international standards and regulations, including EU cGMP regulations, FDA Aseptic Guidance and USP  <1116>. 

Merck’s settle plates contain either Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA), Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (SDA) or a non-animal, vegetable peptone media for minimal risk of BSE/TSE contamination. They are available with neutralizers of a wide range of disinfectants. Neutralizers such as lecithin (L), tween 80 (T), histidine (H) and sodium thiosulfate (Th) are able to inactivate residues of disinfectants, of which a wide range are used the world over for disinfection.

heipha ICR/ICRplus and Envirocheck® Settle Plates
ICR/ICRplus and Envirocheck® Settle Plates

The ICR/ICRplus and Envirocheck® Settle Plates are gamma-irradiated and triple bagged and thus the perfect media for passive air monitoring in critical clean rooms and isolators.

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heipha LI Settle Plates
LI Settle Plates

the LI Settle Plates are non-irradiated and single bagged and thus the perfect choice for less critical clean areas.

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heipha ICRplus Settle Plates Video

ICRplus Settle Plates

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MAS-100® Air Sampler Systems

Air Sampler Systems

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