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The Health Benefits of Probiotics
 in Dairy Food Products

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TOS-MUP Media for Cultivating Bifidobacteria

Bacteria of the genus Bifidobacterium are a natural part of the bacterial flora in all humans but they are also found in fermented dairy foods. Eating and drinking products rich in probiotic bifidobacteria is seen as a home remedy for some infectious diseases because this increases the intestinal presence of these bacteria and favor their growth over other microorganisms.

Especially yogurts with probiotics have been attributed as being effective in aiding digestive problems. A yogurt must contain a specific concentration of bifidobacteria to get the status probiotic. To determine if a product does so, Merck provides selective TOS-MUP media for reliable enumeration of bifidobacteria in dairy and milk products - even in the presence of a high titer of accompanying flora.

TOS-MUP for Reliable Enumeration of Bifidobacteria in Dairy Foods

For cultivating and subsequently enumerating bacteria of the genus Bifidobacterium, Merck provides the selective TOS-MUP medium which, due to the included galactooligosaccharide, is ideally suited for bifidobacteria growth.

In combination with the selective supplement Lithium Mupirocin (MUP), the TOS Propionate Agar allows direct detection of viable bifidobacteria in starter cultures and various dairy products, such as fermented or unfermented milk, milk powder and baby food. It inhibits the growth of other lactic acid bacteria so that subsequent, definite identification of the presumed bifidobacteria is in most cases unnecessary.

Merck’s TOS-MUP culture medium is validated and meets the highest performance standards as described in ISO/DIS 29981/IDF 220. All Merck culture media are quality controlled according to stringent standards. This guarantees the consistent high quality of our products.



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