Cyclodextrin HPB Excipient

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Cyclodextrin HPB - Increasing API Solubility and Stability

Cyclodextrin HPB: the effective route to increased API solubility and stabilityCyclodextrin HPB is a molecule that effectively increases the solubility and stability of your active pharmaceutical ingrendient (API). The relatively hydrophobic cavity of the cyclodextrin molecule makes it ideal for “entrapping” poorly water-soluble APIs. Due to the presence of hydrophilic groups (hydroxyl and hydroxypropyl) on the outer surface of the Cyclodextrin HPB molecule, the API-Cyclodextrin HPB inclusion complex shows an increased aqueous solubility. Furthermore, Cyclodextrin HPB improves API stability by protecting it from undesired reactions that may be triggered by moisture, heat, sunlight, oxygen and interactions with other ingredients of your formulation.

Benefits of Cyclodextrin HPB:

  • Increases aqueous solubility of APIs
  • Improves API stability
  • Well-suited for all dosage forms – including solid, semi-solid or liquid formulations
  • Emprove® documentation and regulatory support
Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
142020 Cyclodextrin HPB suitable for use as exipient EMPROVE® exp Ph.Eur.,NF 50 g


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