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All relevant details regarding the elements of the periodic table

From classification to element features to their history of discovery, individual groups or subsets, e. g. all natural, artificial or radioactive elements

New Visualizations

Atomic radius, electronegativity, and ionization energy

Simple, concise, intuitive user-interface

Well-structured and neat arrangement of groups and periods, detailed pages for every element, quick access to needed information

Interactive handling

Intelligent controls, and numerous selection options Museum mode Mode for exhibitions to deactivate external links

Multi-lingual support

Available in English, German, French, and Spanish (in one app). Changeable via language-settings of your iPad/iPhone/iPod

All content within the app

An internet-connection is not required after installation

It’s getting even better:

NEW - Classroom presentation mode via TV-out support Chemicals classes in a new dimension: connect your iPhone or iPad to any beamer or TV and enjoy the Merck periodic table of the elements app on the big screen.

NEW - Integrated molar mass calculator This practical tool is going to be your most valuable helper with many stoichiometric chemical reactions where molar mass is of importance. No more time-consuming searches through tables and error-prone manual calculations!

NEW - °Fahrenheit / °Celsius in the applications settings New application setting switch: °Celsius and °Fahrenheit.

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The Merck Periodic Table of the Elements App offers high-school and university students as well as teachers or professors the opportunity to learn more about the chemical elements - from classification to element features to their history of discovery. The multi-lingual app renders complex contents intuitively comprehensible: the well-structured and concise arrangement of groups and periods, details for every element, intelligent controls, and numerous selection options provide quick access to needed information.

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