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  • Demonstrating Process Scalability with Robust and Turnkey Platforms


    Thursday, February 15, 2018

    Joe Orlando, PhD. Merck Principal Scientist

    In our laboratory, we set out to develop a robust, turnkey platform that includes DNA vectors, modified cell lines, chemically defined cell culture media and single-use bioreactors. Here we demonstrate process development and scale-up of a recombinant CHOZN® GS clone in EX-CELL® Advanced™ cell culture media from small-scale flasks up to 50 L pilot scale bioreactor systems, with a consistent desired level of process performance across the different scales.

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Every stage of the upstream process presents an opportunity to maximize the speed and value of your molecule. Merck and Sigma-Aldrich have come together to provide a complete upstream foundation that helps you do both.

From cells to culture media and additives, to single-use biomanufacturing systems, biopharma materials for GMP-grade excipients and formulations additives, we offer a range of off-the-shelf and fully customized solutions.

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