Water and Food Analytics Special Topics

We continue to push the boundaries of chemistry to bring you intelligent solutions to your daily challenges. Throughout the new catalog , you’ll find ‘Special Topic’ boxes, which give you a glimpse of these innovations. We hope you enjoy reading our highlights and learning how you can benefit from them.

Special Topics from the New WFA Catalog Include:

  • Packaging innovations with the SafetyEdge box for pH test strips 
  • Branding opportunities – put your brand on our test strips
  • Online waste disposal advice 24/7
  • HMF in honey – Reflectoquant® HMF test 
  • Be mobile - the Move 100 mobile colorimeter
  • Be sensitive - The new sulfate, silicate and chloride test kits
  • Be unlimited – The new COD cell tests with unlimited chloride tolerance 
  • Be sure - Bromate in water and drinking water
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