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Mobius Formulation and Fill Process
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With new therapies on the horizon, clinical runs are increasing and the majority of these new drugs have smaller lot sizes and highly potent ingredients. Traditional fill finish operations have their own set of productivity challenges that can limit filling flexibility and the needs of this changing market. Mobius® single-use fill finish solutions are easily implemented to meet today's increasingly complex drug production demands. Single-use delivers greater process flexibility and productivity, increase operator and product safety as well as reduce validation requirements and process turnaround time. Whether you need to convert your current infrastructure or build a new one, Mobius® fill finish can meet your needs.

For more information about our single-use assembly shelf life validation, packaging and sterility services, contact your local representative.

With Merck as your sterile filtration partner, you will have the peace of mind that comes from working with the industry leader who has over 50 years of expertise in sterile filtration with market leading Durapore® (PVDF) and Millipore Express® (PES) membranes.

All Mobius® single-use containers are made with our PureFlex™ and PureFlex™ Plus single-use films ensuring consistent performance throughout your process as well as streamlining validation requirements. Our Provantage® Services laboratories provide GMP testing to support the validation of filters and films.

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