Durapore® Filters

Durapore® 0.1 μm & 0.22 μm filters

Durapore 0.1 µm polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) filters can be used for filtration of cell culture media and feeds. Durapore® 0.22 μm hydrophilic PVDF filters are suitable for sterile filtration of liquids.  

Available Formats

Multilayer Durapore® 0.45 μm/0.22 μm

Multilayer Durapore® 0.45 μm/0.22 μm hydrophilic PVDF filters provide sterilizing-grade performance for difficult-to-filter streams. 

Available Formats

Durapore® Multimedia Filters

Durapore® Multimedia filters combine a single or double layer of Milligard® prefilter media with a 0.22 μm hydrophilic Durapore® PVDF membrane in one filter, enabling prefiltration and sterile filtration in a single filter.

Available Formats

Durapore® CBR 0.1 μm & 0.2 μm

Durapore® CBR 0.1 μm and 0.2 μm hydrophilic PVDF filters are designed for particle removal and bioburden control in less critical applications which do not require sterilizing grade filter performance.  

Available Formats

Charged Durapore® 0.22 μm membrane filters

Charged Durapore® 0.22 μm PVDF filters are designed for sterilizing-grade filtration and endotoxin removal from pharmaceutical-grade water systems.

Available Formats
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