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Steritest™ Symbio Accessories

The Steritest™ Symbio Accessories are designed to facilitate your daily sterility testing work routine.

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카탈로그 번호icon Descriptionicon Pack Sizeicon
SYMBCHE01Steritest™ Equinox power supply adapter for communication hub holder (hoods only) 1 가격 및 재고 조회
SYMBCHH01Steritest™ communication hub holder for hoods 1 가격 및 재고 조회
SYMBCHI01Steritest™ Symbio communication hub holder for isolators 1 가격 및 재고 조회
SYMBSCA01Steritest™ Symbio pumps universal shipping case 1 가격 및 재고 조회
SYMBSVB01Steritest™ holder for sterile bags and steridilutor vent chamber.

Free your work bench by hanging sterile collapsible bags on the holder hooks.
1 가격 및 재고 조회
SYMBSYS01Steritest™ syringe support 1 가격 및 재고 조회
SYMBWFS01Steritest™ Symbio Waste overfilling sensor kit for solid containers 1 가격 및 재고 조회
SYMBXTC01Steritest™ Symbio connection cable extension with tri-clover clamp 1 가격 및 재고 조회

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