Polysep™ II Filters


Sterility Assured

Polysep™ II pleated multimedia filters combine borosilicate glass fiber with mixed esters of cellulose, providing much higher retention efficiency for more critical degrees of prefiltration. Our Polysep™ II filters are available in multiple formats for every application, including:
  • Cell culture media
  • Buffer preparation
  • Serum
  • SVP
  • LVP
  • Plasma proteins

Polysep™ II Cartridges

Polysep™ II cartridge filters provide high throughput with minimal differential pressure. Our robust cartridges are designed to withstand multiple steam-in-place cycles and are integrity tested during the manufacturing process.
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Polysep™ II Capsules

Opticap® XL and XLT capsule filters eliminate the time and expense associated with assembling, cleaning, and validating stainless steel housings. Our capsule patented design allows unparalleled thermal and hydraulic stress resistance, resulting in reliability, high confidence in the sterility process and improved cleanliness.
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Polysep™ II OptiScale

Our OptiScale® capsule filters give you the power to predict while reducing the variability associated with cleaning and assembling stainless steel systems. With OptiScale® capsules, you get the time and development cost savings of a disposable device, improving your speed to market.
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