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Ready-to-Use Media for
Microbial Air Monitoring

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We provide ready-to-use culture media in a wide variety of formulations and formats for microbial monitoring of air and compressed gas lines in food and beverage production plants. Active and passive air monitoring is an important part of the HACCP principles to prevent food contaminations.

Environmental monitoring using the ready-to-use and standardized air monitoring media from Merck ensures reliable microbial surveillance by enabling verification of how effective cleaning and disinfecting procedures have been and assessment of the potential for contaminations at critical points.

Ready-to-use contact plates, settle plates, contact slides, media cassettes, and agar strips are available from Merck for general microbiological controls and for the enumeration of typical food contaminants such as coliforms, yeasts and molds. Like all our culture media our high-quality air monitoring media are made from specifically selected raw materials, blended in aseptic environments in compliance with ISO 9001 and are controlled for reproducible performance between batches.

Ready-to-Use Solutions for All Your Air Monitoring Needs

Contact plates for air monitoring in the food & beverage industry
Contact Plates

Contact plates are the ideal choice for sampling dry, sanitized surfaces in less critical areas. They are suitable for use with the MAS-100® Air Samplers.

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HYCON® agar strips for air monitoring in the food & beverage industry
HYCON® Agar Strips

HYCON® Agar Strips are available as several count media as well as selective media for specific microorganisms. These agar strips are perfect for use with our RCS® Microbial Air Sampler.

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M Air T® cassettes for air monitoring in the food & beverage industry
M Air T® Cassettes

M Air T® Cassettes are pre-filled and the perfect media for use with the M Air T® Microbial Air Sampler.

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Settle Plates for air monitoring in the food & beverage industry
Settle Plates

Settle plates are the ideal choice for active and passive microbial air monitoring in less critical areas. They are suitable for monitoring with the MAS-100® air samplers.

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